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Designed with Nano-Ceramic protective properties. Extremely tough and resilient.



Antibacterial Nano-silver coating is added to the surface.

Strong Resistance

Able to withstand dents and scratches.

Strong anti-stain properties


Reusable with revolutionary click and lock system of installation.


Environmentally Friendly

Made from recycled materials without harmful chemical agents to the environment.

25 Years Limited Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects


Acoustic properties

Good sound absorbing properties.

Helps to reduce noise in between floors when installed in a multi-storey building.

Specially Engineered

To Look and Feel Like Real Wood

SPACE Luxury Resilient Floors unique collections bring you fashionable, high performance floors that are durable and easy to maintain. Designed by Italian designer and made in Korea, we offer an unrivalled range of Classic, Bold or Contemporary designs to bring your envisioned home to life. Using roller-press technology, the different layers of materials are fused together under controlled temperature in a dust-free environment. The end result is a sturdy product that looks exactly like wood but has a stronger mechanical strength and is environmentally friendly with antibacterial and anti-stain properties.

  1. PU CoatingAnti-scratch, Anti-bacteria and anti-stain
  2. Wear Layer Improves product durability, protects printed layer
  3. Printed LayerOver 1000 designs of natural wood available
  4. Middle LayerControls product’s dimensional stability
  5. Balance LayerControls product’s flatness laid on the floor
  6. Glass Fiber LayerControls thermal expansion or contraction
  7. Non-slip LayerPrevents tiles from moving after installation

Valinge Click and Lock System

With the revolutionary Valinge 2G angling installation system from Germany, no glue or any adhesive material is required for installation. This strong and robust mechanical locking system ensures that once the tiles are laid, they are relatively firm and movement-free, without fear of buckling or dislodgement.